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Bailata Queer  was a curatorial project that aimed to showcase POC Queer Art and  activist projects from Medellin artists & activists and international artist residing in Medellin. It took place in the Building La Naviera,  located in the center of the city, and was a comission for the 43 International saloon of artist of Colombia.


Bailata Queer built a space in between artists, pedestrians and the public. Using the six shop windows of the first floor room as gallery cubes;  the artists developed their performances, activist groups did their speeches and presented their shows  and the radio show streamed from the shopwindows. Creating a voyeur momentum of the inevitable look of the pedestrians throught the windows glasses, Bailata queer aimed  to offer a space in dialogue for the acknowledgement of corporal and sexual dissidence.

During 3 hours, different performances, actions , shows and conversations took place: whose placed reflections about the notion and physicality of body from a counter perspective. Sexual dissidence, political reflection, aesthetic and conceptual experimentation were the main concepts explored through the curatorial proposal by Margarita Valdivieso.

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